Friday, December 11, 2009

Why By Wally--Hermes Yachts

Basically a mansion in the open seas, the Monaco-based yacht maker Wally and the luxury French brand Hermès, created WHY – a state-of the-art sea monster vessel. The idea of the hull was initially taken from a seismic vessel, and was redesigned and adapted to the needs of the sea. The outcome was a super-luxurious yacht which measures 170 feet and 114 feet wide and can accommodate 12 guests and 20 crew members. Keep reading for more information, images, and video of the WHY yacht:

The interior of the yacht follows the high standards of the design companies and is fitted out with water resistant leather, whereas wood is used in most of the interior areas of the vessel. The total 3.400m² guest surface areas, is divided into three different levels containing all rooms that could be found in a luxury villa such as lounges, dining rooms, libraries and spa areas.”

"The yacht has been tested under various conditions and the outcome is that under unfavorable weather conditions it remains more stable than any other of its type, and when anchored it creates a flat surface behind it where swimmers feel as if they are in an Olympic-sized pool. Since the aim of the project is to create a boat that imitates the specifications of a luxury villa but also has the advantages of a boat, it also means that the vessel must be so stable so that the guests can engage in the same activities as they would on the ground."

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