Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Photography of Germán Saez

The work of Argentinian based photographer Germán Saez is marvelous. His tastefully crafted photographs find the perfect chemistry between raw and polished. There’s also a simplicity to the work that allows the photograph to just be without saying or doing too much which gives the image an opportunity to speak for itself.

Tell us how you got started taking artistic nudes.
It started mostly as entertainment from intimate moments with ex-girlfriends. Later, I tried shooting some friends and after that, it became another style of my photographic work with different women.

"When I travel I try to contact models or
everyday girls and improvise
photo shoots in my hotel or in the streets."

"I like to make people imagine
what happens after and before that
frozen moment they are seeing."

Your subjects tend to yield an expressionless yet brooding feel about them. What direction are you giving them while trying to achieve this look?
I love expressionless. It’s a directive I commonly give. It forces me to get an interesting image playing with angle, framing, lighting, and backgrounds instead of a lovable or forced gesture of the model. But, if some nice gesture or pose comes with no premeditation, it’s also great for me.

There’s also a candid and voyeuristic feel captured in many of your photographs. Describe your approach with this style of photography.
Basically, I think my better pictures are good because you can think they are part of a film. I like to make people imagine what happens after and before that frozen moment they are seeing.

So, it sounds like your prefer to work in “the moment.”
I love to improvise. Sometimes, there’s a basic idea or script, but I enjoy just go the streets or a room with no plans and deal with random furniture, buildings, people, lights and colors. Maybe because of that, I enjoy shooting concerts. It’s maybe the hardest environment to shoot. Light and subject changes continuously, so, aperture and speed too. Photography is something that happens in different moments. For some people the act of photography is when they have the idea and prepare everything for the shoot (who triggers the shutter is not relevant). For others, it is when they are in the lab or in the post process moment. For me, it is when I frame, adjust settings and shoot.

German Saez is preparing a magazine for the immediate future and also working on a delayed first book. You can see a selection of my professional work at, thousands of photos at and daily ones at Also he has a photo essay called Fotos Privadas (Private Pictures) at

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