Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nudity is Art

This weekend Thirty Four D did the shooting for our series "Nudity Is Art." This is the first of many to come. Over here at 34D we believe that there is art in anything and every aspect of life. Stripped of censor is how we like to do and what better way then having gorgeous women in the bodies God blessed them with and some colorful body art. And no these photos aren't just for show, they will be printed on shirts.

The "Nudity Is Art" series is going to be on going series within the 34D line. Each shirt will bare a different female in different themes, colors, and poses. We will give you more on the series in the upcoming weeks, but for now check out a few photos from our first N.I.A. shoot.

Photos shot by Roc (@Roc_Life). Make up by Theresa Bubb. Body art by Dea Pierre.

No1. "Woodstock"

No2. "Golden Goddess"

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