Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diddy Dirty Money at Hammestein

April 22nd I got to work behind the scenes of the Hammerstein for Diddy's Dirty Money concert. The experience was absolutely amazing. I got to meet so many people and the networking oppurtunities are once in a life time. It was defintiely a moment that gave me life.

It all started off with me chilling then h I was asked to assist with the VIP Meet and Greet packages. Soon after I was directing people to proper rooms. Next was setting up dressing rooms, checking people in at the front door, and so much more. It was great though, I had the all access pass which helped big time, I met people who worked for Interscope, Atlantic, Dirty Money, Ciroc Boyz, and much more.

Even though I didn't get to take photos with everyone in atendance there was Diddy, Dawn, Kaleena, Que, Black Rob, Tyga, Ashanti, Lloyd, Ja Rule, Faith Evans, Cassie, Jim Jones, Ajay from 106th and Park, the Prince of Saudi, Sachika Twins, Estee  Lauder family, and tons more. Enjoy the behind the scenes!

"Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others." - Winston Churchill

Black Rob

There were like fifth-teen cases of Circoc, luckily I got to take one home (even though I don't drink).

Faith Evans

Tyga and I

Tyga during sound check

The only boring task of the day, doing check ins at the door lol.

Diddy's assistant Capricorn.

The man himself, take that take that. He gave me some great words of advice, I lived for that moment.

Ja Rule

Que from Day 26

Kaleena! She's the sweetest

Lloyd and I. His words touched me as well, it was hilarious when he asked to touch me hair lol.

I'm not to big on crowds so I spent most the time backstage chilling and chopping it up with everyone, but I had to come out for the Dirty Money performance.

I have to thank my Uncle for always putting me on to these events and opportunity. Trust when I say 34D is here for the takeover. 

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