Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stephanie Nnamani

Steffanie Nnamani better known as Teff, simple name but she's far from simple. When you see her, you SEE her. Her attire, presence, and appeal will stop you in the street. Her style is bold, not loud in your face trying to get attention bold, it's more of the confidence halo she has on every outfit, she literally makes people want to stop and take a picture. Her site Dank && Dapper is amazing, you can spend hours on it, and even though she's just building her portfolio, her photography is on point.

"I'm basically a walking contradiction, but WHO isn't? Student of Psychology. Aspiring fashion designer,stylist and photographer. Fan of the arts. I'm not perfect. I have made mistakes but I have no regrets. I'm flawed. 'My flaws are perfection ... I am flawed to perfection' -Me. Complex simplicity sums up my life." - Teff

What do you do?
Blogger. I wanna say photographer but I'm yet to earn that title. Just a chick with a camera and passion.

What's your hobbies?
Photography, blogging, a stylist to myself. I hope to be one to others some day. I wanna do it all.

Describe your fashion style.
Some have called me a hipster. I'm yet to define my style. I usually dress according to my mood.

Any favorite colors and patterns?
Lol, a serious myriad of colors and patterns in this world. How dare I limit myself to just a few.

Who are your role models/icons?
My dad. Yeah that's it, my dad.

Can you compare your style to anyone?
I've been compared to Janelle Monae, Rihanna and Teyana Taylor. People say I'm a mix of all 3.

What's the favorite thing in your closet?
Aw man. Umm my big fluffy mustard hat and about 10 more items.

34D Personal Question: Tell us three things about you people wouldn't guess off the back.
1.I'm African.
2.That I was born IN Africa,
3. That I'm down to earth. (they ASSume I'm stuck up).


OH! She caught the founder of 34D, Dea Pierre

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