Friday, July 30, 2010

The Notorious Jaz

What caught our attention first about about Jazmin is her site "Short Girl Tall Heels". Upon reviewing it her cut and sew skills and taste for exotic patterns had us. Luckily we were able to get a quick interview with her, but trust us, you will be seeing her featured on alot more in the near future.

"My name is Jazmin but everyone calls me Jaz. I'm 20 years old Northern born, Southern raised. I'm a single a mother who has alot going for herself. While in school full time and working on a clothing line in the process (Haute Thrillz)-- which I have realized is way more work and time than a couple of months lol."

What do you do?
I'm the founder of my own clothing line called Haute Thrillz. I'm also thinking about another side fashion project with vintage clothing; I have yet to decide on the name of that project, but I will be sure to let you all know.

What's your hobbies?
I design clothing as well as style on the side of being a college student.

What do you design and style?
I design clothes and I have designed a couple of bags and other accessories. I've been asked to style a couple of photoshoots but I'm hoping to really get into runway!!

What inspired you to design and decide on creating a line?
What inspired me to design is family- designing everything from clothes and accessories; the women in my family have done. Haute thrillz was something that just came to me one day. I always knew my line would have the name Haute or Couture in it I don't know why but it was always an idea of mine lol. And Thrillz because I want my line known for being fun and exciting--nothing ordinary. A thrill something daring and out of the box!!

What do you go to school for?
I'm majoring in English because I love to write and have plans on becoming a fashion editor one day for a major magazine.

Can you describe your fashion style.
I dont really have one, I'm a true hippe when it comes to style, you ever seen "Confessions of a Drama Queen"? Thats me! My style depends on my mood and the day. I could be Bohemian one day, goth chic (like on some Rihianna shit), or all dolled up like Kim Kardashian =]; she's FAB by the way.

Do you have a favorite color or pattern?
My favorite colors are purple and pink, anything girly I love! I'm obsessed over animal print and floral like everyone else smh, I know cliche.

How did you learn to cut and sew?
I learned how to cut and sew mainly from my nana but I also took classes to enhance my skills

Who are your role models/icons?
My role models are Tyra Banks, Kesh and Solange knowles. I love Tyra for her fashion sense and her ability to be a business woman and very REAL at the same time. I admire Kesh's artistic abilities, she such an amazing person; from her style to her photography and clothing line. Solange Knowles is my favorite! She lets it known that its a life after having a child at a young age and being single and brilliantly ILL, such as myself. my icons are Marilyn Monroe and Lil Kim, I have a litttle of them running threw my veins, I identify with them so much its ridiculous. I love them ALL.

Can you compare your style to anyone?
Carrie bradshaw from sex in the city-- chic, classy but still sexy at times. always up to date with the trends. and a fashion chameleon!! (always changing styles)

What's the favorite thing in your closet?
My purses! I love a cute bag! Thats the most important thing.

34D Personal Question: Tell us three things about you people wouldn't guess off the back.
1.I'm goofy. 
2.NOT stuck up. 
3.I'm a girly girl with male tendencies smh lol.

Make sure to follow her on twitter @thenotoriousjaz and on tumblr

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