Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brains and Beauty: Nekya

Nekya the Model ladies and gentlemen! After coming across for page I had to stop her for an interview. She's from Arlington, Virgina who grew up being involved in a lot such as cheer-leading, soccer, and ballet. She has her two year degree in Criminal Justice and her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, she is now working on her Masters. Beauty, talent, brains, and motivation, talk about your ideal woman.

She's been featured on:, Nov, Dec, Jan '09, Feb '09, Jan '10
-DC Magazine South Moon Under feature

She has worked for:
-City Stone Publishing Book Cover “Discombobulated”
-The Black Collection Underwear Campaign Ad
-South Moon Under in store display model/fashion showcase
-The Green Affair Fashion Show
-In Living Color Fashion Show
-Paint Me Pretty Fashion Show

For contact and booking you can email at or head or to
And make sure to follow her on twitter

How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling a few years now. It started off slow at first but that was because I was just starting out of course.

Why did you get into modeling?
I did a test shoot for a friend back in 2005. She was learning photography and needed a subject. I had so much fun with it I started to think….I believe we all think about things we have wanted to eventually do or try. Then wonder if it is possible. I wanted to pursue something that I always thought about doing whether as a career or just on the side. Time finally allowed me to try it.

What motivated you or gave you the push to pursue modeling?
I saw there were young women like me working hard and still doing what they wanted to do. In life it is about what makes you happy. I was getting told constantly that it was something I should consider so I decided to go ahead and jump.

What was your first shoot?
My first shoot was a fashion shoot set in Georgetown (Washington DC). A local designer wanted models for his line and selected me and another woman. We shot on location.

Were you nervous?
I was very nervous because we were outside for one! I had never done that before. We had to change outside and everything. There would be one or two people that would pass by here and there. Then I wanted to make sure I gave him exactly what he was looking for so my focus was scattered and nerves were just a mess!

The end result was fine at the time but that was years ago and I’ve definitely improved on poses, expressions etc. I can really sell an outfit now.

Is there a theme, concept, or certain outfit that you want to try out in a shoot?
There are so many! As far as themes/concepts I’d love to do something different with lots of necklaces and accessories only. That could be an ad for jewelry or make up even. I also want to try a concept that involves me in a long beautiful couture dress but the location has to be in like woods or near a river, sitting in front of a barn on a haystack even! Something that makes my outfit really stand out!

Do you go to school? If so, what school and what major?
I am taking courses towards my Masters in Education at Strayer University. I have 6 classes left until I finish!

Do you have any other hobbies, interests, or talents? If so what are they?
I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy food very much so I love to eat out and try new recipes. I also coach the hip hop dance team at the school I work at. Practices are after school and the team performs at the school’s football and basketball games, assemblies, and I like for them to do community events as well. I’ve been coaching for six years now and I love it. I love working with the teenagers (grades 9-12) and I like the fact that I give them something to look forward to. They enjoy it and every year I’ve been pleased.

What are your measurements?

What do you feel comfortable wearing? Dress up or Dress down?
I love jeans and tanks! I slip on jeans and depending on my mood I can do cute flats or flashy heels. I prefer heels of course. That outfit is cute dressed up or down…simple and comfortable as well.

Do you act as well? If not would you consider getting into it?
I don’t act but I’ve thought about it. Contrary to what some may believe, modeling actually is acting in itself. When the photographer instructs you to give him a certain look, you immediately have to be able to give him that!

Who would you like to work for? With?
I’d love to print/ad work for maybe at least 1 high fashion designer and then I’m so content with modeling for companies like Guess, Nordstrom, etc. I did model for South Moon Under a few times and it was a wonderful experience.

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